Monday, September 3, 2007

"Never thought I would be a 23..."

Great day today. So nice that my in-laws let us come over and Tony made his chorizo hamburgers with cilantro and cheddar cheese. Yumm... He is going to LBL (some dirt bike thing) this weekend so it was nice to eat all together. Also my mother in law is still recovering from her procedure and was glad to see Tyler. Hopefully she will hear the results tomorrow and it will be good news. Praying for a good outcome.
Since Tony is going to be away this weekend I will be painting the living room. (Finally) I will have some trouble moving the entertainment center but I'm sure I can con Tony into moving it out from the wall before he leaves. YAY pretty house!!
No real topics to talk about. I know that is what "blogs" are mostly about. Only topics I really care about right now is about the sale of the hospital. I do have a very strong opinion and usually it gets me in trouble. So I would rather talk about my day, my life then topics that will just make people angry. ONE LOVE.


Song of the day: Atliens by Outkast

(It was a G kinda day...)